February Newsletter

To all my smiling patients

Recently, I have become more interested and involved in organized dentistry. Organized dentistry is important not just for dentists, but also for patients. It helps maintain standards of care in the community and provides a place for dentists to learn from each other in order to provide the best care possible to you, our patients. I am a member of the South Palm Beach Dental Association, a division of both the Atlantic Coast District Dental Association and the Florida Dental Association. Organized dentistry helps protect the patient from having the government and insurance companies dictate treatment. It also helps to provide services to those in need who are unable to afford the necessary treatment that many of us take for granted. By becoming an advocate I hope to see progressive change in the dental care system. I have been serving as Secretary and in the upcoming year I will be assuming the position of Vice-President of the South Palm Beach County Dental Association to help promote these efforts.

Finally, to satisfy my insatiable quest for knowledge, I have been taking an intensive training course over the weekends to further my dental education, specifically in the realm of implant dentistry. This substantial course provides ample education and clinical practice in the placement and restoration of dental implants for patients with missing teeth. I’m loving it! These restorations are some of the most predictable and reliable restorations that can be placed. They are by far the best choice for long term results. Next time you are in the office, make sure to ask me if implants are right for you.
See you at your next visit!


Michael P. Costabile, DMD

Office News


2012 has been a great year! We have worked hard to implement ways to better serve you. We are very happy to be able to care for your dental health and we would like to thank you for the trust you have invested in us. You, the patient, are the most important part our practice and we want you to know that your support does not go unnoticed. It really makes us feel special and grateful every time we hear a new patient say they were recommended to us by one of you. It truly is such a compliment.

Dental Associates of Boca Raton See, we have this ‘Care to Share’ referral program to motivate your friends and family to come in for a free exam and x-rays (for those who don’t have dental insurance) and get the treatment they may need. For many, it has been a long time since they last saw a dentist. At the same time, we try to reward you for promoting oral health in our behalf and referring your friends and family to us; however, there is no reward big enough to say “THANK YOU for keeping us in mind when someone you know is in need of dental care.”

This last quarter of the year we would like to thank and congratulate Florence Tone. Florence was picked at random by our last quarter winner, Lindsay Solomon, who happened to be in the office. Florence referred 3 people to our office and will enjoy $100 worth of delicious food and wine at Season’s 52 restaurant!

Thank you for being a dedicated patient Florence. We appreciate you and your family very much!
You could be our next winner. Make sure to pick up some ‘Care to Share’ cards next time you’re in and give them to your friends, family and co-workers. Thank you all for your continued support.